Stakeholder / Customer Relations

Reach out to the constituencies that matter to you no matter who they are and what their background is.  We’ll help you keep the pulse of your stakeholders and better inform the way you engage.
Our relevant and up-to-date insights help our clients deliver tailored, excellent customer experiences that in turn generate relationship sustainability and profitability. By helping to bring our clients closer to their customers we also help them to stay ahead of the competition.
Relationship management: strategic review of relationship health, how to address and prioritize unmet needs, and uncovering points of differentiation.
Customer experience: In the moment feedback, real time transactional monitoring, touch point design optimization, and customer journey/decision making on the path to purchase.
Customer switching/win back: how to identify customers at potential risk of switching and why, and how to try and prevent it happening to others.
Customer Power: UK consumer relationship bench marking data and trends for 11 sectors and over 100 brands.


Relevant Videos

  • Banking Customer Relationships
    Banking Customer Relationships
    This video looks at whether consumers have the relationship they want with their bank, how it makes them feel, who the best banks are and why, and how banking compares with other sectors.
    • customer power
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