Online Communities


Harris Interactive provides the thinking, guidance and tools to optimize your research activities and extract critical insights at the speed your business demands.  We do this by blending multiple data sources to deliver the right results for your business: community opinions, transactional and behavioral data, CRM information, social media opinions, and one of the world’s largest online panels can be integrated and contextualized.

Our communities work smarter and harder for you.  We provide the thinking, guidance and tools to optimise your research activities and extract critical insights at the speed your business demands.

Your needs drive our approach, whether it’s the look, feel and functionality of the community site, the planning and prioritisation of initiatives, blending multiple data sources or delivering custom analysis.

Building beyond community data

We help you cut through the wealth of data communities generate by developing deeper contextual understanding, richer insights and clearer guidance.

Deep respondent profiling and market mapping, granular analysis and competitive benchmarking provides a more consistent and clear view across all your community research activities.

So you can understand whether and how your products, services or potential initiatives meet market needs, compete, strengthen your brand position and deliver on your business goals.

And we can advise you on what action to take to address any challenges.

Harris Interactive is built on a rich heritage, leading edge solutions, state-of the art technology: 

  • Award winning full service research heritage and category expertise
  • Pioneer of online panels and communities since the early 2000’s
  • Over 150 online communities around the world on our technology platform
  • Comprehensive community implementation and management infrastructure
  • Global respondent access panels
  • All under one roof!


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