We can help you use mobile surveys to engage with customers ‘in-the-moment,’ conduct ongoing diary studies, conduct passive metering and understand what your customers do while they purchase, and more.
We can recruit from your customer database, from your online/ mobile community, panels, or via a short code/QR code.  Surveys can be completed via email or mobile app, in some cases triggered through geo-location/geo-fencing.

We help our clients to conduct:
  • Real time customer journey and decision making influences whilst on the path to purchase
  • In the moment customer satisfaction/engagement surveys ranging from in-store browsing/purchase, in-branch transactions, food/drink consumption, staying at a hotel, travelling by train/airline, and visiting a leisure attraction/event.  The survey can be completed post an experience or location triggered.
  • In the moment surveys capturing data on where people go (can be done with passive tracking with permission), what they buy, how much they spend, and scanning of receipts/uploading of photos
  • Store retail audits of POS/shelf/promotions/brands/packaging or service led elements via customers or interviewers
  • Mobile and digital ad testing including impact and effectiveness and building benchmarks
  • Product usage/testing via diary notes of product use (what, when, how, why, which brands) and sharing photos of products and lifestyle context
  • Test usability and ease of purchasing from an online site via a mobile ‘phone
  • Location triggered survey triggered to gauge awareness/reaction to a billboard/instreet/instore ad or promotions
  • Surveys amongst frequent travellers whether consumer or business in situ
  • Employee engagement/pulse surveys amongst non-office based people
  • Opinions and satisfaction with attendance at business conferences/events


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