Market Environment

Harris Interactive’s Market Environment Studies are tailored to provide a comprehensive understanding of your market, from its overall size and structure, through to the detailed needs, behavior and characteristics of different types of consumers and businesses in the market.

Understand where you sit in the market today, and develop a plan to reach your goals.

We help you assess the make-up of the market, your standing within it, your competitive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and the priorities and approach required to meet your business objectives.

The key studies we conduct in this area, and some of the key business questions we address, are:

Market Size & Structure:

How big is my market, what is it worth, what does the competitive landscape look like, what are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, what are the trends, how should I prioritise and plan to meet my business objectives?

Usage & Attitude:

What are the needs, motivations and perceptions driving uptake and usage, what products and services are being used, how and to what extent?  Do they live up to pre-purchase expectations, what are the challenges, opportunities and future plans?


What are the profiles of the key consumer/user groups within my market, what are their needs, behaviours and characteristics, where do I stand in the competitive landscape, is my product/service/pricing and marketing strategy on target, how should I prioritise and target them, and to what extent?
It is important, therefore, to get the focus right so that key objectives are met rather than diluting the study and analysis via too broad a scope.  We take the time to consult fully on the business objectives and stakeholder needs behind each study to ensure we achieve the optimal balance and research design.

To learn more about our expertise within a specific market, please click the link below to visit the in-market website