Employee Research

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Realize the full potential of your employees and drive significant business performance improvements.  Organizations that work with Harris Interactive have seen their employee engagement score double from the start of our relationship with them, resulting in significant improvements to customer satisfaction, sales, operating profit, productivity and more.
Employee measurement is only as good as the model and analysis that underpin it.  There are so many models out there, and so many fancy ways of collecting employee opinion and reporting it; without the foundations of a validated model for improvement, what exactly are you reporting back on, or being told to improve and why?  Wouldn’t you prefer to know that you are asking the right questions, being told the right things to improve and why, and in the knowledge that other organisations working with Harris have significantly improved their business performance year on year, driven by employees with a greater sense of wellbeing.
Harris then has every technological tool at its disposal for collecting the survey responses, reporting back the results, building action plans down to the most local level in your organisation, monitoring those action plans and running rapid deployment follow up pulse health checks.

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