Brands and Communication

Experience has taught us that every client is unique, and every problem is specific.  As a result Harris Interactive Brand Communications Research focuses on providing clients with truly actionable insights by taking a holistic consultancy approach and applying best-practices to brand tracking and more.

Mapping the relevancy of brand positioning to the needs of customers within the marketplace enables clients to effectively evaluate future growth strategies.

Our brand and communication framework  is grounded in behavioral economics. It offers an unparalleled understanding of how consumers make brand-based decisions.
Touch point modelling distinguishes the brand effects of different marketing actions as well as true effectiveness of different media. It empowers you to allocate resources more effectively and deliver greater bang for your marketing buck.
A senior brand and communications consultant is assigned to each project help design the best approach to address research issues, as well as deliver actionable insight.

Common questions we help to answer:
  • Where is the best market opportunity?
  • How can I develop a differentiated brand strategy?
  • Which consumer needs should I focus on?
  • How do I become relevant to the lives of my target audience?
  • How strong is my brand now and how can I make it stronger?
  • Is my brand architecture right?
  • What should I communicate to my customers?
  • How should I communicate it? What is the most effective and efficient way?
  • …and many more


To learn more about our expertise within a specific market, please click the link below to visit the in-market website.