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Learn more about how we’ve been sourced in the press!  The links below are just a few of the articles we’ve placed.  For more information, please visit the country-specific websites, Harris Interactive UK, Harris Interactive France, and Harris Interactive Germany.

  • Die zukünftigen Kaufabsichten für Dieselmotoren werden vom Abgas-Skandal negativ beeinflusst, wohingegen das Interesse an alternativen Hybrid-und Elektroantrieben deutlich zugenommen hat. Trotzdem würde sich die Mehrheit weiterhin für konventionelle Benzin- und Dieselmotoren entscheiden. Gründe sind vor allem die zusätzlichen Kosten und fehlendes Wissen.
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  • At the request of the Maison des Potes, Harris Interactive conducted a survey in three major European countries to question their inhabitants on various possible measures to fight against discrimination. Conducted simultaneously in France, the United Kingdom (UK) and Spain, the survey sought to measure the support or otherwise the opposition to these measures in different national contexts.
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  • Die Manipulation der Emissionswerte von Dieselmotoren durch VW hat deutliche Auswirkungen auf das Image sowohl von Dieselmotoren als auch von VW. Dies ergab eine Studie des Marktforschungsinstituts Harris Interactive, bei der Anfang Dezember 2015 3.000 PKW-Fahrer in Deutschland, Frankreich, Großbritannien, Italien, Spanien und den USA befragt wurden.
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  • For over twenty years, the Letter of Citizenship publishes a barometric survey to monitor over time the eyes of the French on the right to vote for foreigners residing in France for local and European elections. As it stands, the law open to nationals of the European Union the right to vote in municipal and European elections held in France, but this does not apply to foreign residents from countries not belonging to the European Union.
  • More and more Brits are boozing at home, according to exclusive reasearch for The Grocer conducted by Harris Interactive. A third of us now drink more at home than we do when we’re out on the town, with 20% admitting to exceeding the government’s recommended guidelines every day or most days. Almost 20% of Brits admit to drinking a whole bottle of wine or more by themselves in one go, yet only 4% are concerned about the amount of alcohol they drink, a poll of 2,061 consumers by Harris Interactive reveals.
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  • At the request of Webibox, Harris Interactive conducted a survey of French in order to identify the place of the Internet in their purchase decision process. Internet use has become more democratic and more and more French people adopt the habit of seeking information before choosing a product or service, but what specific role does the internet in purchase choice?