We have a lot of exciting news to share with you.  Learn more about how the products we’ve recently launched and good news about our company!    For more information, please visit the country-specific websites, Harris Interactive UK, Harris Interactive France, and Harris Interactive Germany.

  • To meet the time pressure of decision making in organizations and the need to support them on reliable data, Harris Interactive has developed a solution designed for simple and urgent inquiries. Harris Interactive offers a new Memorandum of ultrafast studies to get answers to questions 24 hours all inclusive, of the 5 major European countries and the United States.
  • ITWP Acquisitions Limited, the parent company of Toluna, a leading digital market research and technology company, today announces the acquisition of Harris Interactive SAS in France, Harris Interactive AG in Germany and Harris Interactive UK (Harris Interactive Europe) from Nielsen.  Frédéric-Charles Petit is CEO of ITWP, and will oversee both Toluna, and Harris Interactive Europe. Petit is Toluna’s founder and CEO.
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