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    Harris Interactive UK Blog

    We’ve got opinions, and we want to share them with you. Hear from some of our leading experts in the UK and better understand the sectors they focus on, current trends – and more!



    The Look of French on the Voting Rights of Foreign Residents in Local Elections

    For over twenty years, the Letter of Citizenship publishes a barometric survey to monitor over time the eyes of the French on the right to vote for foreigners residing in France for local and European elections.


    Half of Drinkers Guzzle 660ml Beer Bottles Solo

    More and more Brits are boozing at home, according to exclusive reasearch for The Grocer conducted by Harris Interactive. A third of us now drink more at home than we do when we’re out on the town, with 20% admitting to exceeding the government’s recommended guidelines every day or most days.


    The Internet Site in Procurement Decision Process

    Paris, 21 October 2015 At the request of Webibox, Harris Interactive conducted a survey of French in order to identify the place of the Internet in their purchase decision process. Internet use has become more democratic.