Our team of experts provide insight that is truly transformative.  Let us provide you with a fully customized approach.  We can help to formulate business strategies based on sound insight.  Let us help you discover the breakthrough that can bring success to your business.

Also, at Harris Interactive, we have developed various methods of support to turn to:

  • Educate your internal staff or public non-study (eg through training approaches study)
  • Share a common culture, harmonize practices (training concept of writing)
  • Facilitate the appropriation of results (launching workshop of study or restitution)

Creative Thinking

Today R & D and R & I are like the rest of the market faced with having to develop their products more quickly and closer to consumer needs. That is why we support our customers to enrich and / or rethink their process of innovation by integrating consumer customers as teams in a Design Thinking approach.

How to generate insight cons?

Ethno immersion netnography (blog) quali Group “created” are some of our leading methodologies to search for deeper insights and better capture the emotions and sensations. Because it is essential to be closer to their needs and expectations and thus provide really relevant and impactful solutions.

How to operate these insights in a process of innovation?

By accompanying strategic creativity to turn insights into ideas key innovative solutions through tools and methods of proven creativity. Facilitators and certified experts to animate Creativity workshop with internal customers: conceptualisation and generation of ideas, concepts writing workshops, development prototyping / scenarios of uses with our networks of experts …

This approach Comprehensive, iterative innovation is part of an approach framed, co-creative, rich and commitment to involve everyone in the project to change, innovate and create new solutions of tomorrow.

Desk Research

At Harris Interactive, we believe that we should not confine the study to a descriptive or confirmatory logic. Market surveys may need to be put in perspective to give them a proactive role, a real help in strategic decision.

To impart this dimension to studies, we regularly offer our customers complete devices studies by the realization of customized monitoring modules and inspiring: the previous day on the Internet, of course, but also the traditional eve-based collection methods and Proven classification.

In addition, we offer enable our network of internal and external experts to enrich the consumer by an expert vision and inspiring vision: Strategic gliders, designers, semiotics, journalists, artists, architects, sociologists, designers, anthropologists, innovation consultants, etc.

So, with these complementary analyzes, we are able to assist our clients beyond the role usually given to institutes: brand consulting, concept & innovation consulting, digital processing, etc.

Workshop Formation

Customer side, we facilitate training for our partners (studies and not study) to become familiar with the studies. We accompany them to understand, based on their marketing issues approaches that would best their issues. We also work on very targeted themes such training concept of writing that allows the various product managers of a company to standardize their practices and institutions to transmit to test concepts written in the rules of art.

Side business, we operate within different university in Paris, Rouen, Tours, etc. CNAM and entity whose real or as MOOC to educate students or professionals in retraining or career development in our practices (online studies for instance) or marketing knowledge (marks, digital, etc.).

Finally, employee side, employees founded the Harris School in which the employees provide and / or follow various themes on knowledge sharing sessions, more conceptual to more practical. Beyond sharing skills and experience, it is to update and enrich the knowledge and experience of each (cross fertilization)