• Frederic Petit
    CEO, Harris Interactive, ITWP
  • Paul Twite
    UK ITWP Managing Director
  • Susan Vidler
    UK Managing Director
  • Dr. Thomas Rodenhausen
    Managing Director, Germany
  • Nathalie Perrio-Combeaux
    Co-CEO France / Head of ITWP Group in France
  • Patrick Van Bloeme
    Co-CEO France / Head of ITWP Group in France

Sector Expertise UK

  • Peter Cooke
    Head of Digital
  • Debbie Senior
    Vice President - Global Products and Automation
  • Lida Walsh
    Senior Consultant, Brand & Marketing
  • Michael Worledge
    Sector Head, Financial Services
  • Steve Evans
    Sector Head, Technology, Media, Telecoms & Entertainment
  • Denholm Scotford
    Sector Head, Technology, Media, Telecoms & Entertainment
  • Lucia Juliano
    Sector Head, FMCG & Retail

Sector Expertise France

  • Christelle Maho
    Head of Healthcare Department
  • Delphine Martelli-Banegas
    Head of Corporate Department
  • Garance Ferbeck
    Head of Consumer, Cosmetics & Luxury Department
  • Jean-Daniel Lévy
    Head of Politics & Opinion Research
  • Jean-Faustin Betayene
    Head of Qualitative Research Department
  • Thierry Backer
    Head of Service Industries, Marketing & Customer Experience Department
  • Manuel Lhoir
    Head of Telecoms, Media, Technology & Entertainment Department

Sector Expertise Germany

  • Frank Drewes
    Director of Marketing Science
  • Edith Franczok
    Associate Director Healthcare
  • Dr. Orhan Kocyigit
    Head of Health Technology
  • Gábor Hahn
    Head of Qualitative Research
  • David Schmidt
    Head of Energy, Utilities and Financial Services
  • Daniel Scholz
    Sector Head Business & Industrial/Automotive
  • Gabriele Stöckl
    Sector Head CPG