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  • Innovation
    Customer Power

    We look at the demand for new product and service innovations and why this seems to be a defining moment for banks to tailor their propositions to meet different needs.

    • banking
    • financial services
    • product and service
  • Digital Trends
    Customer Power
    Digital Trends

    Customer Power is a programme of research exploring the relationships that customers want to have with UK companies. We have previously looked at the financial services, mobile, pay tv & energy sectors and today we are putting retail banks under the spotlight.

    • financial banking
  • Switching Behaviours
    Customer Power
    Switching Behaviours

    This is our second webcast in our banking customer power series

    • financial services
  • Banking Customer Relationships
    Customer Power
    Banking Customer Relationships

    This video looks at whether consumers have the relationship they want with their bank, how it makes them feel, who the best banks are and why, and how banking compares with other sectors.

    • customer power
  • Mobile
    Customer Power

    This session will be of interest to anyone in a consumer insights or consumer experience role within the mobile communications sector.

    • communications
    • mobile
    • mobile media
  • UK social media use
    UK social media use

    SocialLife tracks how online UK consumers are using social media and their associated experiences, opinions …

    • consumer media consumption
    • Social Media
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