Delivering a Proprietary Panel for a Leading Bank Retailer


Harris Interactive UK

Business Issue

Meeting the needs of multiple stakeholders through ad hoc research can be costly, resource hungry and time sensitive. The client side research department wanted to develop a research tool that would help them to deliver to stakeholder requirements in an efficient and economic manner.


Our panel operations team built a customer panel of over 2000 active members segmented by customer type, and taking account of the best method of contact for different groups – online and postal. The omnibus style survey enabled the client to cover up to six topics per wave of research.

The client has used the panel as a sounding board covering a broad range of topics including gauging customer response to new products and communications, as well as external industry issues.
In the words of the client the panel “has allowed us to collect information on a range of attitudinal and behavioural issues that wouldn’t have justified an ad hoc approach and would not have been included in research programmes”.


  • financial services